What is Have Kiln Will Travel?

What is Have Kiln Will Travel?

Have Kiln Will Travel (HKWT) is a fully equipped traveling fused glass studio. Six small kilns are brought on site to teach glass fusing along with a large selection of art glass, and all of the necessary tools. It is the only traveling glass studio in the United States servicing art centers and community education programs.

HKWT is truly a unique opportunity and an ongoing experiment in community education. HKWT teaches the basics, gives you the opportunity to watch your creations come alive in the kiln, and for the jewelry classes you take your works of art home that day.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

OMG! Glass Fusing Classes Gone Wild!

"Ask and you shall receive." Well I've been asking and now I'm receiving! Over the next few months I'll be at eight locations, and teaching stained glass, Intro to Fused Glass, Designing With Glass, as well as the Glass Jewelry class. I think I'll also be adding an Intro to Enameling class, but I haven't designed the course yet.

All of this and Have Kiln Will Travel events have not even started. I wanted to secure two locations for the HKWT events before I actively begin the process of marketing the concept. Initially I was just going to have HKWT events on the calendar, but I decided to show all classes/events whether they are art center classes where I'm just teaching, or, classes where I am taking kilns to locations to teach, or, HKWT events where I pack up the kilns for a specific fundraising event.

This is a great start. Other opportunities are grants for teaching which I've applied for, and just plain old private lessons.

I'm closing in on my second HKWT hosting site and will post both locations in the near future. I'll then be ready to set sail on this adventure!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Relationships & Testing

It has been well over four months since I first thought of the Have Kiln Will Travel (HKWT) idea. The first steps were field test just the idea, then develop and  test the class material, then obtain the LLC standing and insurance, and I'm sure I'll be refining the processes over time for the next year.

One recent refinement was testing the kilns on 15 amp circuits instead of the 20 amp which I first thought was required for the kilns. I was pleasantly surprised to find that you can run 2 kilns on a 15 amp circuit and have a dozen lights on at the same time. This is significant because 15 amp circuits are common, and 20 amp are less so. This eliminates one of the major stumbling blocks of holding  HKWT events.

I've also been working on the other major problem of where to hold the events. I found two local art centers which are willing and I will go into detailed discussions with them next week. These type of relationships are key to making the whole concept work.

One of the last steps will be to form relationships with local nonprofit support groups, fund raising groups, and event planners. It is my hope that these type of organizations will help me get the HKWT story out.

One small victory every day is becoming my motto.