What is Have Kiln Will Travel?

What is Have Kiln Will Travel?

Have Kiln Will Travel (HKWT) is a fully equipped traveling fused glass studio. Six small kilns are brought on site to teach glass fusing along with a large selection of art glass, and all of the necessary tools. It is the only traveling glass studio in the United States servicing art centers and community education programs.

HKWT is truly a unique opportunity and an ongoing experiment in community education. HKWT teaches the basics, gives you the opportunity to watch your creations come alive in the kiln, and for the jewelry classes you take your works of art home that day.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hello World!

So what is Have Kiln Will Travel? As explained in the FAQ the idea came directly out of teaching glass fusing at various community education centers. I teach a 6 hour dichroic jewelry fusing class where I bring all the glass, equipment, hardware and findings to make some really cool items in a class called Wearable Glass. So called, because if I called the class Dichroic Jewelry Making, then most of the men would never sign up. So to be more inclusive we also make things like money clips, belt buckles, tie pins, refrigerator/toolbox magnets and much more.

It is actually just a lot of fun. Students follow project guides in making their items, or, they simply play around with the large array of glass that I bring. We even do things like etch patterns in glass, and use glass paste to create neat shapes and designs in glass. Kind of like cake decorating where the paste is applied with a large syringe or you can actually just use a cake decorator... but for the guys, it is like caulking...right? ;)

It wasn't a large stretch of the imagination to come up with the idea of holding these 'classes' and calling them fundraising events for nonprofit organizations, and in essence that is what Have Kiln Will Travel is. Instead of coming to a community education class a sponsoring nonprofit organization will invite guest/donors to the event. The guest will donate at or above the requested level to attend the fundraiser, and obtain a day of very unique entertainment in return.

This blog will report on the adventures of both my regular teaching schedule and the nonprofit fundraising events.

The FAQ explains in detail how Have Kiln Will Travel works for fundraising. What I would like to emphasize here are some of the benefits beyond generating funds.

Relationship Building - The fundraiser event is a chance for the hosting organization to spend time with their most important donors in a fun and entertaining atmosphere. Events of this type are bond strengthening. A group is sharing an experience, learning together, and having a unique creative adventure that they will remember and tell their friends about, thereby spreading the word about the hosting organization.

Everyone Profits - The picture above shows a bracelet commonly made in the class. A similar piece of jewelry often sells for $45 on the Internet. In the six hour period there is an opportunity to make a whole set of items which in total can easily be valued more than the amount a donor gives to the nonprofit organization! This is truly a unique situation where both the guest and the host create value for themselves.

 Well that's the introduction. Tomorrow is another day to fill in some of the detail.

Please forward the link to this site to your favorite small nonprofit organization, or, if you have friends who would like to attend one of my regular classes at a community education center. All dates will be listed on the calendar below as they become set.